alan moorhouse
- and the bond street brigade (1972)



who would've thought a march band could be this hip? certainly not i... we actually had to march in my youth like the afrikaner youth league ready to grow up into proud brave fascists. how dull. there are a couple of misses on the lp - notably the opening tracks on each side, but the majority of killer tracks more than compensate. "funky fever" is from a re-release compilation like easy project but the exact one eludes me right now. all-in-all this lp rocks and should not be missed.

01 - the liberty bell
02 - hang 'em high
03 - tea for two
04 - tweedle dee tweedle dum
05 - a whiter shade of pale
06 - funky fever
07 - radetzky march
08 - i did what i did for maria
09 - blues in the night
10 - chirpy chirpy, cheep cheep
11 - drum diddley
12 - yellow river



nlgbbbblth said...

Fun LP, Funky Fever rules. It was comped on The Sound Gallery during the mid 90s.

detour said...

ah yes, the sound gallery indeed :). thanks ngbtha ;).

Slothy said...

I was going to upload this but you beat me to it - never mind, look here to see that recycling isn't such a new idea after all-


Bloody cheapskates!

Anyway great blog and a good addition to my budding blog roll.

dom said...

No doubt Eugene Terre Blache would choose "a whiter shade of pale" to march to!

Martooni said...

Glad to see you've come back with more goodies. Most appreciated.

You asked for requests...
Keep an eye out for the Solid State LP's. Some of these out-of-prints still have not made the blogs:
Particularly interested in the Will Bronson Presents
The In Crowd Singers from 1966
wacked out vocals, maybe

detour said...

thanks guys. nice blog slothy. will keep my eyes open martooni. lol dom, eugene would indeed...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Detour. This is the kind of wacky mash-up of music that gets me weird looks from friends and family who see me listening to it. "Do you really want to be listening to that?" seems to be a typical response. If I would have chanced to see this one on the shores of LP debris at my local haunts, I would probably overlook it. But given the chance to download it and listen first... well, it's delightful.- Virgil