paul mauriat
- the soul of paul mauriat (1969)



number two of my late sixties trio is paul mauriat's soul record. i found a sealed copy :), and it's always so much fun opening it up just like it's 1969 all over again. the cover is made of deluxe textured cardboard which is just wonderful. as an lp, this one is a must for all fans who have not heard it. there are several killer covers, including a sitar version of "keep me hangin' on." my fellow easy lover over at spiral has posted it before, but i just had to rip something i didn't even have to clean :). check out more excellent goodies over at his blog. coming up, a rare lefevre 60s moment...

01 - i'm gonna make you love me
02 - i never loved a man
03 - i've been loving you too long
04 - you keep me hangin' on
05 - it's a man's world
06 - when a man loves a woman
07 - respect
08 - i heard it through the grapevine
09 - in the midnight hour
10 - my girl
11 - love child

Phillips STEREO PHS-600-299


stuckinthe70s said...

thank you.

detour said...

my pleasure.

Slayer said...

Hey my dear friend Detour, incredible that you can find sealed LPs so tell me, do you have a special place in that you buy this stuff? Or are you buying at sites as E-Bay? Or trade it with some people?

Nice to write you again, greetings from my bornland.

LT said...

Not sure what took me so long to find this site - but better late then never.

Thanks for the posts!

Devlin Jamison said...

Like LT, this blog has somehow escaped my notice for a while now. I just went through your archives and grabbed a few albums, including your Mercury Perfect Presence offers. If you're interested, I made a late contribution to the effort here:


bob90 said...

Dear Detour:

I want to also thank for excellent blog and for the excellent work in the quality of your rips. Its albums are wonderful. Thanks to you I have the chance to hear here in Brazil records that had been never edited in the South America. You must be a person very good to have so much work to only cheer other human beings that you no know, but that know you for your kindness.

Pardon for my bad English but my language is Portuguese…


Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil

detour said...

Hi Roberto,
Your English is just fine. Obrigado :).
I'm in America for work and have bought some great records and cannot wait to upload them when I get home to my computer and turntable in South Africa where I live.
Thanks for your comment and I am glad you are enjoying the music.

ZM76 said...

Fab grabs on here! Many thanks.

As a downer, you should always clean a record because there could be crap left over from the stamping process in the grooves. LOL, voice of reason.

Keep up the good work, please.

Anonymous said...

Dear Detour,
thank you for your music!
I've downloaded all the LPs.

Alessandro from Rome, Italy

detour said...

Hi Marcos,
The links are most likely broken due to deletion of files after a period of inactivity.
Let me know which ones are important to you and i will try upload some.

The Commuter said...

Love the blog!
...would like invite you and your followers to visit "A Party In Suburbia"...
...please be our guest and enjoy meticulous rips of the very finest in vintage LP's...


Anonymous said...

Thank You from a newbie.

Rocco said...

- i'm gonna make you love me
(Supremes & Temptations, previously by Madeline Bell)

- you keep me hangin' on

- it's a man's world
(James Brown song. Cher did a very fine reworked version in mid 90s)

- when a man loves a woman
(classic by Percy Slege, covered by Michael Bolton)

- i heard it through the grapevine
(Gladys Knight & The Pips)

- my girl (The Temptations classic hit)

- love child (The Supremes)

Rocco said...

Some people say that LOVE CHILD (as well as "Someday We´ll Be Together") is a Diana Ross solo recording with session singers as backing vocals, though credited to THE SUPREMES.

"Someday We´ll Be Together" is the last single credited to Diana Ross & The Supremes before Diana Ross went solo.-

Anonymous said...

Hi... great blog. it is really bad all this stuff been lost. Can you help me find them.? Thank you in advance....