augusto alguero
- sounds spectacular (1968)


when inflight entertainment was released, the karminski brothers introduced us to a whole world of stylish lounge. one of my favourite tracks from that compilation was "discoteque" by augusto alguero. i became obsessed with find an augusto alguero record, and when i finally did, i was not disappointed. he is one creative spaniard and puts his fire and flair into even the most done standards. a couple of years back a re-release finally appeared, much to my joy.
favourite tracks off this album include "gran premio" and "sera el amor." i've mixed and matched alternate sources (cd plus my lp) but i think the levels are fine. if you don't know augusto alguero yet then you are in for a wonderful treat.

01 - delilah
02 - i'm coming home
03 - pata-pata
04 - cherie babette
05 - magico sonido
06 - it must be love (sera el amor)
07 - la la la
08 - la muchachita del pianillo
09 - cuando sali de cuba
10 - the ballad of bonnie and clyde
11 - road to marbella
12 - gran premio


hpmasters said...

Wow - what a great sound.

You know the Kansas Public Radio on the net? Search for the Retro Cocktail Hour by Darrell Brogdon. That's the place where I heard Augusto Alguero for the first time.

Greetings from

detour said...

I'll do that - thanks for the tip. yeah, alguero's production and arrangement are amazing. really off the wall. i have another alguero lp i can post. heard about keating and the c.r. police. got to be careful to only post stuff nobody thinks can make more money ;). thank xtabay for the heads-up. i pulled my post as well.

Lemoncat,, said...

this is great..
iv'e been on the lookout for Alguero albums for ages, but they seldom turn up around these parts :) the only stuff id'e got before the cd release was a couple of tracks on an easy comp album..
he has a great style, always sounds like he has 2 or 3 orchestras on the go, bits of everything all melting together..brilliant,,
thanx so much for this great share detour :)

detour said...

what a great way of putting it - i agree with you totally. great sound. the "todos..." re-release is actually all his recordings with polydor, but some of the tracks from that have gaps of silence? my copy at least, thos i pulled from the vinyl. got another one on record called "hits - my way" which has a dull cover but tracks even better. will patch it together and post soon. off to an afrikaans music festival out in the countryside, so probably will most mid next week. if you have the todos comp you'll probably have all the tracks already (lucky fiend ;))

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this before & I am glad I was fortunate enough to stumble upon it! Beautiful. Can't thank you all enough (music bloggers) for the love and dedication in providing us all with new & "old" aural sensations. :)


detour said...

thanks bobby. the reward is when others get it the way i do, so it makes me happy when others enjoy it. you may want to try some peter thomas sixties pop albums if you haven't tried him yet.

detour said...

Link updated.