the mike hankinson big band
- south african safari (1975)



i just had to post this as one of my return lps. thanks to my friend waldo for finding this woderful obscurity. on mfp, the sound is much closer to studio2stereo recordings or chaquito tv themes - it absolutely cooks, start to finish. talk about a surprise. to make the heart grow even fonder, all tracks are original compositions named after south african places and icons, and the last track is named after the place i grew up, the kruger park.
highly recommended for compilations and lounge dancefloors...lounge dancefloors? hey, where are those? :)

01 - highveld highride
02 - give '5'
03 - caprivi strip
04 - rand show
05 - garden route
06 - blue train
07 - jacaranda jaunt
08 - kyalami
09 - cape to rio
10 - street preacher
11 - kango caves
12 - mineshaft
13 - sauer street shuffle
14 - the protea
15 - kruger park



Slayer said...

Hi my friend Detour, what happened with the Delgado's album "Vibraphon a la carte"?

Greetings from you know where I am.

detour said...

Copyright police took it down, plus a franck pourcel. Pity, but I don't wanna make any enemies.

detour said...

Thanks Slayer, I appreciate the kind words :). I'll carry on posting and see if it's all the Delgado's or just some etc...
BTW, what a great profile pic. Is that a volcano cloud? Looks like a nuclear bomb :(. My friends moved from Quito to Sweden! Can you believe it :).

Slayer said...

Hi my friend Detour, yes as you wrote the pic is a vulcano's clowd from 12 years ago and it was very real.

At the mountain side in Quito there are a vulcano that is called "Guagua Pichincha" (Guagua means in quechua language "little boy"), Pichincha is a native name for the vulcano and it got its eruption forming that "nuke", was a fine spectacle and after all the result was an ash rain :(

So that way is my land dude, nice and easy to live with it, I think the pic hits more clear and less insane than the another one who was a green devil :D

And why your friends got moved from Quito to Sweden? Just for the vulcano? I don't know if that was a good of bad move so I love a lot my bornland.

Greetings my friend and thanks for the music, Delgado Rules!!!

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