- tiger in the night (comp, 1978)



"the music of mandingo" aka "tiger in the night" is a compilation of mandingo tunes pulled from four of his albums. somebody can maybe confirm - i think geoff love only released four lps under the monniker mandingo - "sacrifice" in '73 another in '73, '74 and then in '77. listening to the '73 stuff again i could not believe how progressive it was. jungle funk exotica aside - this is serious disco in the making, and for '73 that's quite something. i also love how everyone in the uk scene wrote tracks for him - roger webb (one of my all-time favourites,) brian fahey, alyn ainsworth etc. quite a supergroup. this compilation contains a great selection of some of mandingo's finest moments, and they are darn impressive. crazy congas, funk, guitar and orchestra. nothing quite like it. the cover of this one says "if you want to discover your roots... live to... dance to... listen to... the music of mandingo the pulsating rhythm of life."

01 - black rite
02 - jungle juice
03 - war dance
04 - sacrifice
05 - kiss of death
06 - uomo
07 - the man from takoradi
08 - chant of the virgins
09 - manhunter
10 - tiger in the night
11 - sacrifice to the sun
12 - jungle wedding

MFP 50428


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Detour! Please take your time, and re-upload these Lp:

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- top hits my way (1969)

burt bacharach
- portrait in music vol.2 (1973)

franck pourcel
- amour, danse et violons no 10 (1958)

franck pourcel
- l'enfant roi (1971)

franck pourcel
- retrato de franck pourcel (1972)

franck pourcel
- tout donne, tout repris (1973)

gabor szabo
- 1969 (1969)

gabor szabo
- mizrab (1973)

helmut zacharias
- greatest hits (1973)

horst jankowski quartet
- spectacular south african tour-encores (1967)

hugo montenegro - neil's diamonds (1973)

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- che! (1969)

paul mauriat
- l'ete indien (1975)

paul mauriat
- je pense a toi (1974)

werner muller and his orchestra
- cherry blossom time in japan (1962)

roberto delgado
- eviva roberto (1979)

roberto delgado
- hits a la fiesta (1978)

roberto delgado
- spanish eyes (1968)

Please do it for me and many others which only appear magic of old music on old LP records! For your willingness to give you 100 times, thanks! Sincerely, Ján from Slovakia

detour said...

hi Ján,

Thanks for the list of expired links. One or two of them were pulled due to copyright violation but the rest I'll add again asap.

I've just finished a compilation I'm very proud of that just needs a cover and i'll then post.

Stay well,

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detour said...

Link has been restored - download available.