roberto delgado
- samba caramba south america ole (1970)


slayer and i agree this is one of delgado's best medley records. i don't usually do medleys, but this one, like show dancing, has found a fond place in my collection. i thought it was released 1973 but see on the record itself a P 1970.
happy samba!

01 - mama inez, carioca, el colas
02 - la bamba, amor, tequila
03 - besame mucho, mexicana
04 - summer samba, el condor pasa
05 - negra maria, carnevalito, rum, tabasco
06 - perfidia, la ragazza
07 - adios mariquita, amapola, um poco rio
08 - ave maria no morro, maria elena
09 - vaya con dias, banana boat, soul calypso
10 - corcovado, pepito, el rancho, felicidad


ramani,india. said...

thank you so much for the latest
RD Album.really awesome music
you are posting.
best wishes and regards,

Slayer said...

Dear Detour,

YOU RULES!!!! This is a real joy from Delgado's music.

Thanks for all the music bro, your blog is excellent.

Greetings my friend.

Lemoncat,, said...

really top notch post detour..thanx for all your hard work,,magnifico :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Detour,
Thanks for all the lovely Delgado albums. It's a treat. Ramani has been lookinh for This is Reggae by Roberto Delgado and I don't think he has been able go get it till now. I have got it and will upload it as a torrent and give you the link. It will take me thre or four days as I am cleaning it up will Magix Audio Clean.

Rajan, India

detour said...

hi rajan,
thank you so much for thinking about me! i am very eager to hear that album ramani has been talking about since i first heard from him. he must be over the moon ;).
i hope both you and ramani are on not affected by the terrible monsoon floods i have been seeing on the news. it looks really bad.
ramani has a ftp username and password to an ftp site of mine where you could also upload it if you like. i'd also be honoured to host it here on the blog if you have no space of your own.
thanks a lot,

Anonymous said...

This is one of his best! Wow! Stupendous work! Delgado really gives it his all on this, and I'm glad you were here to post it. Right on, man. 100% diggin it!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi david
Giving the links again.


Anonymous said...

Hi again.
You got to pull the mouse right across the rapidshare link because you see only half of it.


Anonymous said...

I have two Mandingo albums:
1. Mandingo - III
2. Savage Rite

If you want I'll upload then to rapidshare and give you the links. Regards


detour said...

guys, "this is reggae" just posted care of rajan / pakdhe... what an album.
ramani, rajan asked me to notify you but i can't find your email in my google!

Anonymous said...


I hope you liked This Is Reggae. I am giving you a new download link and this is for the same album but cleaned up with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab with the cover and track list. It's worth downloading it again. Please host it on your blog.


Rajan - India.

detour said...

another delgado guys. late seventies with abba covers but to my surprise i am quite fond of it since ripping...