roland shaw and his orchestra
- more james bond in action (1967)


back in 1996 when re-releases were fewer and further inbetween, "the look of love" and "let the love come through" made it onto the karminski comp inflight entertainment. soon afterwards, a roland shaw bond selection was re-released as "the world of james bond adventure!" together with swanky artwork and phase-4 deram logos. i was so happy to find that at my cape town cd store! this lp is the second of the three, and i thought i'd post it for anyone who never got the previously mentioned cd release. they are great lps. one will follow shortly if there's interest.
comparing this lp to the cd release, i see there are 4 tracks not included on the comp, and these are "capsules in space," "gypsy camp," "teasing the korean" and "have no fear, bond is here." "gypsy camp" is way cool and i recognise "have no fear..." but from where exactly?
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01 - you only live twice
02 - capsules in space
03 - gypsy camp
04 - teasing the korean
05 - the wedding
06 - have no fear, bond is here
07 - the look of love
08 - bond below disco volante
09 - thunderball
10 - jump up
11 - chateau fight
12 - let the love come through


THXjay said...

I also have that great cd you mentioned (it's available at my place)

Been looking out for this one for a while to add to my Roland Shaw collection, can't get enough of Mr. Shaw :)

If it's OK with you I'll put up a link to this so my visitors can add it to the others I've posted.

Awesome post, the previous Joe Loss is a great one too!



detour said...

of course jay, no problem. do you have the first shaw bond lp from 1965? i'll go dig it up asap :)

detour said...

found the first one - it's 1966 "themes for secret agents" and contains only a couple of bond tracks and the rest other i.e. ipcress, the saint etc. will post tomorrow afternoon.

THXjay said...

Yes I have that first LP, I look forward to your post just in case the release over there has different artwork :)

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to thxjay I found you. This Roland Shaw is wonderful.
I purchased the 1st Lp in Long Island NY when I lived there in the 1960's.
The girl on the cover had some beautifully huge cleavage and I did not show the cover to the parents.
The Music was very dynamic for the times and holds up and surpasses todays orch-castrations. Ha ha.
Thanks Pal Vince

Anonymous said...

Have No Fear Bond Is Here is the Casino Royale Theme (its on another Shaw LP with the "correct" title).

Jack said...

Hello there.

If it's possible, could you renew the link, please? The current doesn't seem to be working.

Thank you.