roger webb
- film music (1974)


i'm a complete sucker for the smooth sound of stereo2stereo releases, and unfortunately I don't have enough! those who enjoyed the simon parks orchestra "eye level" should definitely try this release. there's some crackle in this recording, and an unfortunate scratch at the end of track five, but i find i'm much more relaxed with these than the underwater muffle produced by my nero wave editor declickers.
favourite tracks include the sublime bossa of "summer green, autumn gold" and roger's version of "m.a.s.h". the smooth seventies phrases of "tubular bells" and "free as the wind" are where it's at for me in studio2stereo. if anyone knows of other fine releases from this label available online, please let me know!

01 - the way we were
02 - summer green, autumn gold
03 - beyond tomorrow
04 - it's only a paper moon
05 - remember love
06 - the entertainer
07 - tubular bells
08 - what'll i do
09 - song from m.a.s.h
10 - free as the wind
11 - sail the summer winds
12 - the gentle softness enter the dragon


THXjay said...

Thanks for the invite over Detour :)

What a fantastic colelction, I've never seen most of these before.
I'll be a regular visitor from now on :)
I've added you to my link list, hope that's OK!


Rich said...

That's a ditto from the Vinyl Lounge Hut! I recognize Rodger Webb's version of M.A.S.H. I remember hearing it on car radio as a kid. Funny how one song can trigger a life time of memories. I also will add you to my link list. Keep up the great work!

detour said...

thanks guys, that's really cool. when the dust has settled from the hole in the wall (literally, they've just put window into the lounge wall,) i will rip some more goodies. i'm busy moving all the stuff i've been getting from y'all onto my ipod for cartime. yay.

Mark said...

Great share!
Just wanted to ask which of these tracks was from 'The Amorous Milkman' as I don't remember and can't find any details on the web.
Will be back again!

detour said...

hi mark, the amorous milkman theme is track 5 on side a, "remember love." what a cool title for a film!

Mark said...

Hi mate
You will find two Studio2stereo lps at my site, http://easylisteningworld.blogspot.com/. Franck Pourcel Plays Abba & The Impact Of Garry Blake. Would be great if you could link to my site and I will link to yours.
Cheers, Mark

detour said...

thanks mark, i've actually downloaded several albums from your site already, including the jack hawkins and ray davies themes, both of which are excellent. thanks for sharing.

DonHo57 said...

Outstanding stuff, detour. Webb's work is a little under-appreciated I think. Thanks for this one!

Muff Diver said...

Thanks, Detour!

detour said...

Link updated.