roberto delgado
- along mexican highways (1959)


this is the earliest delgado album i have, and i suspect it may be roberto's first. it's utterly charming, really fresh, and the instrumentation is top notch. the arrangement is also truly innovative, and it really feels like mr. delgado is discovering his love of latin music.
the lp itself is a little beat up, but i've decided i want to share it regardless, at least until somebody else offers a better copy. i'm always surprised at how well these thick heavy platters from the fifties preserve the sound. inbetween the crackle the sound is still crisp. most of the recording faired well in the sound cleanup except maybe "la bamba" which is why i've included a cd copy of it from a compilation. i was amused to see that this lp cover lists him as "Roberto del Gado" and has a genre on the back called "for your romantik mood" :)

01 - amapola
02 - noches de mazatlan
03 - suby universitario
04 - cielito lindo
05 - estrellita
06 - el rascapetate
07 - la bamba
08 - ruega por nosotros
09 - green eyes
10 - la malaguena
11 - ahora y siempre
12 - el jarabe tapatio


Slayer said...

Dear Detour,

Definitivelly YOUR BLOG RULES!!!!!

You are making the best efforts for all the Delgado's fans around the world.

Also I know everybody have good and bad times (ask me about it) in our lives, the most important for you is always looking ahead and step forward, the same life will reward you with better things and situations that you'll never spect ;)

Thanks for the music and greetings from a friend that lives in the other side of the continent.

ramani,india. said...

hi David,
mr.slayer is absolutly right in his assessment.nowhere else in the blog-world you can find such an awesome Roberto Delgado collection
ever.am sure a lot of people around
the world are really enjoying every
bit of it.
thanks and best wishes ,

detour said...

thanks guys. it's a pity mr. delgado was not around to see how many people still love his music.
slayer gets to be president of the delgado club in the americas ;), ramani must share asia with rajan ;), and i get africa! when you join the delgado-is-king world club you get a stylish sambrero like roberto has...:)

Anonymous said...

Delgado is the cream, baby! I love coming to your blog because you definately post some of the most hip albums. This is one of them. Thank you, and keep albums like this rollin'!

Slayer said...

Yeah Detour, we need to reach that goal around the world just for the sombrero and the tobacco (the glasses are optional ";)"), so that way we´ll look as Roberto Delgado surely wants to see, but I never mind what Horst Wende can tell us about it :)

Greetings for all the Delgado's followers around the world and the best regards for you Detour my friend.

rrika said...

"Suby universitario" is a very well known song here at Barranquilla, Colombia, but few people know who the performer is. Thanks!!!!!!

detour said...

it's a pleasure rrika! thanks for the interesting feedback. i hope to one day visit your beautiful country.

rrika said...

Thanks, you're welcome anytime you want it. On this days we are preparing for our carnival, "El carnaval de Barranquilla". It's always on february, so this is a very good month for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Dear Detour,

I chanced upon your site when I was looking around for Roberto Delgado's "Along Mexican Highways Vol II". I have been trying quite hard to procure this album but have been unable to ..... you have some amazing music on your blogsite.

Hope you have the album I am referring to !!!



Marty Goorts said...

The first album of Roberto was Romance Em Veneca & if you want a list just let me know.
I've got all the original albums of Roberto Delgado.

marty1958@raketnet.nl said...

But also all the albums from Horst Wende which was the real name of Roberto Delgado.

jgmondragon said...

Estimado (Da)Detour. Este si bajó sin ningún problema. ¡Que discaso. Que sonido y que interpretación! muchas gracias.