jacques denjean and his orchestra
- the tough touch (1964)



this release on polydor is rather unlike their usual stable and the marketing gives us fair warning that it has an edge. and that it does. jacques denjean comes from a jazz background, and this shines through on what is a sterling lp in the vein of peter gunn, jimmy smith, the man from u.n.c.l.e. and even a touch of surf rock. the tracks vary in feel, and there's even one ("le train fou") with heavy female groans for those inclined toward the b-grade soundtrack sound. two of the tracks ("la route" and "dans le vent") were written and selected as theme tunes for "the most popular radio programmes in france." :)
a rare and unique release, thanks to charl for lending this one to my turntable for a spin.

01 - la route
02 - dream baby
03 - sally go round the roses
04 - watermelon man
05 - vol 847
06 - it's my party
07 - blue horizon
08 - le train fou
09 - dans le vent
10 - nord 2000
11 - en suivant notre amour
12 - mistral 20h30
13 - dans le nuit
14 - mickey's monkey
15 - don't bother me no more
16 - be my baby

Polydor HI-FI 46 450


iggy said...

Thank you, my friend, from the Oregon countryside. I am delighted to find such a wealth of Johnny Gregory albums; he's one of my favorites, too. I appreciate your kindness and generosity. My only wish is that rapid share could be a bit faster than a 20 minute download, but I suppose the price is right.

All the best to you,


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you -G