the fritz maldener orchestra
the voo doo's
- studio one 23 (1973)



this rather exceptional library record comes from my friend waldo in the cape, and is from the familiar "studio one" range. on the a-side we have fritz maldener, who i posted an earlier album of released on mps called "speedy buggy," which kicks ass, but it is the voo doo's on side b that really steal the show. their stuff is a hybrid of totally psyched out guitars and moog woven into tropical african rhythms shamelessly placed in brackets as "african beat", "afro beat" and even, my favourite, "black beat" (oh yeah...) truly, the voo doo's know how to get down several different ways, and their song writing is definitely a notch above library stock. would be interesting knowing what their tracks were finally used for :).
my favourites are "exotic fruit" and "o mané."

the fritz maldener orchestra
01 - san diego (mambo)
02 - usambara cha cha (cha cha)
03 - coffee time (samba)
04 - caribian sun (latin rock)
05 - argentinian flight (merenge)
06 - senorita margarita (cha cha mambo)
07 - pernambuco samba (samba)
the voo doo's
08 - boo bam bam boo (african beat)
09 - o man‚ (happy african beat)
10 - mungo go go (fast conga beat)
11 - african news (black beat)
12 - tropical nights (afro beat)
13 - exotic fruits (afro beat)
14 - in the city of haiti (afro beat)



litlgrey said...

This one is really excellent, and in fact at the moment I am in the middle of a really intense Maldener/Maurice Pop binge.

The one I currently hope someone will post, appeared on a relatively obscure German Library label named Contact. The album is called "Thanks for Listening."

Last night I listened to a Maldener compilation from Motor/MPS produced in 1998 by Stefan Kassel named "Power Pop." It's solid BITE from beginning to end.


detour said...

thanks for the tip on that compilation litl, i must check it out! good luck with the contact. i'll ask my friends in cape town...

Vinyl Room said...

Fantastic post.


detour said...

thanks VR, glad you like it :).

Timmy said...

Entrancing. Better than Smack. Thanx!

Anonymous said...


Delirium said...

can you re upload please?

best wishes,

Pop-Riviera said...

OMG, thank you! I´ve been mesmerized by African news for quite a long time now (guess it must be on my top five! by now)
Surfed in on your blogspot because of Maldener! Thank you!